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Posted 17 January: Pay What You Want - Face To Face

Animal Alpha and record label Racing Junior are the first to propose a reality version of Radiohead’s Pay What You Want. A unique music selling platform A band of Radiohead’s size and acclaim has both the necessary technological sources and money to manage digital sales and a payment solution witout the need of support. Radiohead also do not need to rely the distribution methods of iTunes or their digital competitors. Radiohead also get tons of cash touring the world in stadium size venues. Giving away music for free isn’t too big.... , is it..?

With the upmost respect to Radiohead, Norwegian band Animal Alpha wish to take the concept one step further. The fans gets the opportunity to "Pay What They Want", but they will have to do it to the band in person. And the band, who’s spent 11 weeks in the studio recording this album and four to five months writing the songs, will face fans back as they pat for the new record.

Are the fans happy with what they get? Will anyone pay too much? Let’s get the arguments flowing both ways. Stop hiding geekely behind a computer screen in your parent’s house. It’s time to face the band in a dark back alley in downtown Oslo and look ‘em straight in the eyes. In other words, everything looks set for the band and their fans to spend a nice winter’s day together!

Is this the ultimate test as whether giving music out for free actually increase record´s sales. Are the fans willing to pay face-to-face? Is anyone willing to offer thousands for a kiss?

Of course, Racing Junior will do their best to deliver the music in the broadest possible way avoiding such complaints on poor quality recordings, etc… Fans can choose either to purchase a CD, Bluetooth straight to the fans mobile, a USB stick for transfers to you MP3 player, laptop or other possible means of musical transportation.

It’s time to deal some decent music!

Date: Friday 25th January 2008
Time: 17
Location: Waterlands Tunnel (next to Hells Kitchen, above Youngstorvet)
Album: You Pay For The Whole Seat But You’ll Only Need The Edge
Scandinavian release date: 28.01.2008

Recorded/mixed in Oslo, NO
By Mike Hartung, Propeller Studios (Enslaved, Gluecifer, Jaga Jazzist, JR Ewing, Satyricon, , Shining)
Mastered in Los Angeles, CA
By Dave Collins of Collins Audio (Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Mötley Crüe, Madonna, Queens of the Stone Age)

Dec 3:

Animal Alpha have just finished their new album, ‘You Pay For The Whole Seat But You’ll Only Need he Edge’, which will be released January 28th 2008. The album is recorded live in Propeller Studio in Oslo, with producer Mike Hartung (JR Ewing, Skambankt, Marit Larsen, you name it…), it’s heavy, it’s extravagant, it’ll blow your mind…

Oct 9: #19

Bundy enters the offical German DJ-Charts at #19!

Aug 9: German release

Pheromones will be released in Germany through Soulfood Music Distribution on Aug. 24.

June 20: Studio report

AA are in the studio these days, recording their upcoming album! This time they decided to work with Mike Hartung and Propeller Music Division, and they’re now 4 weeks into recording. They’re just finishing up the basic tracking, and it sounds VERY good... hard hitting, diverse and intense. Mike’s wide musical background and engineering skills has earned him the trust of the band, and he’s helping them develop their sound even further.

The new, still untitled album, will have an early 08 release.

June 20: MTV's Headbangers Ball in Finland

Animal Alpha: Bundy
MTV Headbanger's Ball
Week 16: #5
Week 17: #5
Week 18: #2
Week 19: #2
Week 20: #1
Week 21: #1
Animal Alpha is celebrating their 6th week at top 5 on MTV`s Headbanger`s Ball charts in Finland.

June 19: Provinssi 07

Animal Alpha played in front of an amazing crowd of fans at Provinssirock in Finland Friday. It was a great time and a moment we `ll remember for a long time.

April 25: W:O:A

Animal Alpha has been confirmed for the Wacken open air festival in Germany. The band will perform on the Hellfest stage on August 2.

April 3: Urbanited Street Team.

Two weeks back Animal Alpha released “Pheromones” in Finland. They played at Tavastia in Helsinki, March 27th and they’ve spent some time in Helsinki, supporting the release trough media, interviews and so on. So far the release is going great and the band is coming back for the Provinssirock festival in June.

Meanwhile Animal Alpha needs help spreading the word. In the end, fans are the ones breaking bands into new territories.

If you are a fan of Animal Alpha, get directly involved in spreading the word in Finland! By doing so, you’ll be treated to exclusive gigs, VIP parties, free products and chances to actually meet the band. You will be provided with interviews with the band and information on what they’ve been up to. Plus, of course, tour and release information, way before anyone else gets to know about it.

If you’re a Finnish fan of Animal Alpha and you want to help spread the word, go to and follow these steps:

1.Go to ‘Join’ at the top of the Urbanited Home page.
2.Fill in your details and a quick questionnaire.
3.That’s it!

An email will be sent with your password and you can be part of the Team. Go to the Animal Alpha page, hit Join This Team and you’re away.

Feb 22: Finland

At the moment we are on a promotour in Finland, doing interviews with Finnish media for the upcoming release of Pheromones, set to hit the stores March 21th.Hopes are high regarding this release, cause we know the Finnish audience rock! You`re a rock nation.. We where told you guys actually had a trash metal-band topping your album charts a while back. Enough said.

We´ll be playing our first club concert in Helsinki at club Tavastia, 27th of March. Unless you´re very busy playing hockey, we suggest you come see us. Tavastia is a great club and we`ll do our best to set it on fire !

See you! Chr-AA

Dec 16: "Trøbbel" video from San Francisco

Here is a video AA shot in San Francisco when they recorded the "Pheromones" album last spring. They where in SF to do a show, and thought it would be a great idea to set up all their equipment in the back of a van and go for a ride.. They probably broke a few traffic regulations along the way, but they had a lot of fun doing it.. They did the whole thing themselves, and this has never been shown on TV or released anyware. Hope you enjoy it ! Don't try this at home, and drive safely :-)

Dec 12: New street team in Finland

"Pheromones " will be released in Finland on 92dawn records early 2007. We'll tell you more about this when we have a release date.For now you can join the new streat team in Finland to help us spread the word about AA!


Oct 16: New merchandise

We have some very cool new hoods on sale over at lo-fi merchandising. Click the picture to the right if you want to have a closer look .

Sept 25: Animal Alpha plays POPKOMM

The band just came back from a short visit in Berlin and Hamburg. The occation was the annual 2006 Popkomm festival. Part from being a big happening for the citizens of Berlin, Popkomm is one of the big music-industry gatherings in Europe. Read more..

Aug 21: Animal Alpha opened Pukkelpop !

Animal Alpha opened the main stage at Pukkelpop festival in Belgium! The band was caught by surprise last Thursday morning. read more

Aug 1: Review from Storås

This is a very good review from our show at Storåsfestivalen

April 16: Back to work

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! It`s time to caaatch up. Lots of cool things happening at the moment. We`re still working on the release of "Pheromones" in different territories worldwide and there`s lots of interest from record labels, booking agencies and publishers all over the world. We`ve played showcases in the Netherlands, England and US lately. Especially the Eurosonic-festival in the Netherlands and SXSW in Texas turned out to be fruitfull shows and we`re now going to Los Angeles for further US showcasing in May ( you`ll find dates and venues in the live section ). We hope Animal Alpha soon, will be available in your local music-store. Meanwhile you can order "Pheromones" at i-tunes and at our record-labels web shop.

RMR April 10

Thanks to all of you who came out to see us in Bodø and RMR last week, we had a great time !

Posted May 22 2006:

Upcoming shows:

2 June Spot - DK
3 June Rock Am Ring - tyskland
4 June Roak Im Park - Tyskland
9 June Download - UK
10 June Larvik - N
15 June Hultsfred - S
15 July Kartfestival , Gvarv - N
20 July G! festival - Færøyene
22 July Lakselv festivalen - N
27 July Storås festivalen - N
3 August Lost Weekend, Bergen - N
4 August Malakoff Rockfestival - N
5 August Raumarock - N
10 August Skandenborg festivalen - DK
17 August Pukkelpop - Belgia

Posted Feb 27 2006: Look out for AA at SXSW in Austin, USA. They will also do a show in New York.

Tour dates: Mon March 13: Sin-e - NYC (with Disco Ensemble)
Fri March 17: The Drink - SXSW Austin, Texas

Posted October 20 2005: The Norwegian Broadcasting Company's radio channel P3, has picked Animal Alpha to represent Norway at the upcomin Eurosonic fesival! This is a great opportunity for the band to play for European music business. P3 says Animal Alpha have what's needed to succeed in Europe: They're unique, they're charismatic, and they're completely out of their minds...!

Posted September 23 2005: Animal Alpha's debut-album 'Pheromones' (RJCD032-1) was released 5th September this month and properly celebrated at Parkteateret, Oslo, with a grand release-party. The first week of sales brought the band to 11th place at the Norwegian album charts, which we think is decent considering the massive competition from abroad. Last week, the radio-single 'Most Wanted Cowboy' got playlisted at NRK P3 B-list, and is currently receiving a substantial amount of Norwegian air-play.

Their debut-album has received lots of great press reviews:

6/6 Backstage
5/6 Dagsavisen
5/6 Drammens Tidende
5/6 Buskerud Blad
5/6 Tønsbergs Blad
5/6 Hamar Arbeiderblad
5/6 Østlendingen
4/6  VG

The band is embarking on their tour of Norway taking them to:

23.09    Bergen, Kvarteret
24.09    Bø, Kroa
28.09    Ås, Samfunnet
29.09    Hamar, Hydranten
30.09    Lillehammer, Bingo’n
01.10    Stavanger, Folken
06.10    Kongsberg, EnergiMølla
07.10    Kristiansand, Østsia
08.10    Vestfold Studentsamfunn, Eik Lærerhøgskole
   Trondheim, UKA 05
12.10    Trondheim, UKA 05
13.10    Trondheim, UKA 05
20.10    Tromsø, Driv
21.10    Bodø, Samfunnet
22.10    Alta, Samfunnet
27.10    Gjøvik, Huset
28.10    Sogndal, Meieriet
Volda, Rokken
Dec 9    Horten
NEW! Des 12 Oslo - Rockefeller

Beware, beware, don't go to bed, don't close your eyes!

Posted August 17 2005: During this year’s Øya Festival in Oslo Animal Alpha recieved a gold record for their first ever release, their self titled EP (RJCDS030). The band got the news right after they got off stage. The EP has spent all summer in the TOP 20 singles charts of Norway, but this week it went to sixth place, going to the top 10 for the first time. Their debut album will be out on September 5th!

Check out the dates for their Norwegian tour this fall in the events section... More dates coming!

Posted August 01 2005: The fantastic video for Bundy is now available for free download at our downloads page. Also check out our other downloads at . The video is in a high mpg-quality, and will take a while to download. But it's worth the wait...

This winter Norwegian rock comets Animal Alpha was signed to Racing Junior. They're now recording their debut album with producer Sylvia Massy Shivy at Radio Star Studios outside San Fransisco. Sylvia Massy is known for her unorthodox approaches when recording, and from her work with artists like Johnny Cash, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, Smashing Pumpkins, System of a Down and many others.

Her initial idea for the album opener was to record a train smashing a bunch of pianos she wants to get rid of. Another idea was to record drums inside a van driving fast down the hills of San Fransisco...

Release schedule:

Animal Alpha EP

Track list:

1. Bundy
2. Big Surprise
3. Trøbbel
4. Waltz

Release date: June 06 2005
Download newsletter (Norwegian) here

Album release: September 05 2005