RJCDS001: Martine og Mirejam / Go To The Beat RJ002: Ai Phoenix / Happy To Get Her (10-inch vinyl) RJ003CD: Ai Phoenix / The Driver Is Dead RJ004CD: Sketch / Zincanode RJ005: Salvatore / Clingfilm RJ006CDSt. Thomas / Mysterious Walks
RJCD007: Salvatore / Jugend - A New Hedonism RJ008: St. Thomas & Ai Phoenix (split 7-inch / St. Thomas vs. Ai Phoenix RJCDS009: St. Thomas / The Cornerman EP RJCD010: St. Thomas / I'm Coming Home (CD/LP) RJCD011: Portrait of David / These Days Are Hard To Ignore RJCD012: Salvatore / Fresh
RJCD013: Ai Phoenix / Lean That Way Forever RJCD014: Hello Goodbye / Heart Attack RJCD015: Tøyen / EP Phone Home RJCDS016: Salvatore / Tempo RJCD017: Racing Junior Promo RJCD018: St. Thomas / A Long Long Time EP
RJCD019: Merry November / I'll Keep You Here RJCD020: St. Thomas / Hey Harmony RJCD021: Ai Phoenix / I've Been Gone - Letter One RJCD022: Tøyen / Did You Bring Me On National Television To Tell Me This Too? RJS023: Bonk / Waitin' In A Car RJCD/LP024: St. Thomas / Let's Grow Together - The Comeback of St. Thomas
RJDVD025: St. Thomas / On The Road With St. Thomas + 4 new music videos RJS026: St. Thomas / Winter Sprinter RJCD027: Bonk / Western Soul RJCD028: Hello Goodbye / Haunted Holiday RJCD029: Salvatore / Luxus RJCDS030: Animal Alpha / EP
RJCDS031: St. Thomas / Morning Dancer EP RJCD032: St. Thomas / Children of the New Brigade
RJCDS037: Lionheart Brothers / Dizzy Kiss

Racing Junior Distribution:

Spleen United / Godspeed Into The Mainstream
Electones / Summercloud (12-inch) Daniel Johnston / Fear Yourself (CD) Your Enemies Friend / You Are Being Videotaped (CD)