RJ 019: Merry November "I'll Keep You Here"

Album information:

1 dans la misere
2 day of mourning.
3 weak traveller.
4 dream it away.
5 will tomorrow wake me up.
6 red dress
7 deadly quiet.
8 whispering somewhere.
9 intermission.
10 en haute mer.
11 little friend.

Album info:

merry november are:
charlotte ronja e. knudsen - vocals, organ, piano #4.
andreas knudsen - vocals, ac-guitar, el.guitar #3,4,6,7,10,
piano, keyboard, tambourin, bass #8, drums #2, 4, 10, glockenspiel, melodica #9.
jan birger gran - el-guitar, e-bow, glockenspiel #7.
tor ormkleiv - bass, harmonica.
andre benoni skogsfjord - drums and cymbals.

guest performance by:
robert jønnum - melodica, stylophone, sample #4, 11, bass #2, 4, 10, cymbal #4.
arne vigeland - pedal steel-guitar.
fredrik rosland - accordion.
eivind schou - violins.
guro strande - backing vocals.

all songs by charlotte ronja and andreas knudsen.

produced by: robert jønnum
recorded by. robert jønnum, andreas #8, 9.
recorded at: circle studio, haus, land island, schou's, protofon.
mixed by: robert jønnum assisted by andreas.
mastered at: strype audio.
photos by: knut bry.
cover design by: ingvar moi.

our appreciation is dedicated to: robert jønnum, ingvar moi, knut bry, arne and jan vigeland, guro strande, eivind schou, fredrik rosland, filip r.andersen ,espen hegland, runar eggesvik, håvard rem, maria e solheim, magnetic tapes, bryne offsett, racing junior, all our families.