RJCD024: St. Thomas "Let's Grow Together - The Comeback of St. Thomas"

© 2004 Racing Junior

Release Norway: Jan 12 '04

1. Sunny Day
2. You May Find A Treasure Everywhere
3. Paris, Texas
4. Like You Know
5. Come My Way
6. Silence Break Your Heart
7. Dance To The Disco
8. Cool Yellow Flowershirt
9. Waltzing Around Insane
10. An Artist With A Briliant Disguise
11. Daily Song
12. Let's Grow Together
13. Red Book

Produced by Robert Jønnum and Thomas Hansen
Recorded at Protofon by Robert Jønnum

Thomas Hansen - Vocals, guitars, piano, melodica, harmonica, harmonium, mbira, juno, percussion (+bass and drums on ghost track)
Robert Jønnum - bass, drums, low frequency piano
Karim Sayed - drums
Ilse Lazaroms - Vocals, backing vocals, hand claps
Ronny Svensberget - backing vocals
Guro Strande - backing vocals, hand claps

Mastered by Ingar Hunskaar at Strype Audio
Cover paintings by Thomas Hansen
CD and LP layout by Protofon, while the Trocadero version comes with another layout and format made by Trocadero

Released in Norway by Racing Junior on January 12, 2004
Licensed to the Track and Field Organisation (UK), Trocadero (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Bang (BeNeLux), and distributed by Nail (US and Canada), Border (Sweden).