RJCD027: Bonk "Western Soul"

© 2004 Racing Junior

Release: Feb 2 '04

Price: NOK 150.00 (NOK 121.00 foreign orders)

Critically acclaimed debut album from Bonk, which grew out of the ashes of Kung Fu Girls and Anal Babes, who were the kings of rock in Norway in the 90's. Several journalists have claimed this to be rock album of the year, only counting February when the reviews came. The album is a journey outside the strict rules of rock. British music mag Rock Proof described it quite nicely:

"Bonk is not Norwegian for the sound of a car smashing into the front of a bank, nor does it mean hurtling over a fjord in a burnt-out speedboat, strangling the bad guy to get the girl, but somehow in the shape of a single album, those clean-living folk from the land where the sun never sets have made a sound which feels like doing both things at the same time, naked. Drawing on influences as disparate as Tamla Motown, Norwegian Death-Punk, and The Who, Bonk is the sound of a culture hell-bent on putting litter into bins and the rock into punk."
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