The story goes that one evening in 1998 some Norwegian musicians were listening to Neu! and decided to form a band based around the "motorik" or "endlose gerade" beat, a trance-like 4/4 experience that continues for an incredibly long time. But this was only the beginning. While their search for euphoric music may have begun with Neu!, they went on to use other kinds of grooves that have a great sense of affirmation. Those musicians were Ola Fløttum, Kjell-Olav Jørgensen, Bjarne Larsen and John Birger Wormdahl. Salvatore play instrumental rock music, but this is something quite distinct from "post-rock". Salvatore use simplicity and repetition with an optimistic, emotional feel. It's an underground band, but one that replaces urban angst with a wonderful sense of spaciousness, invoking the fjords and mountains of Norway. In this way, Salvatore transcend their German influence.

The albums: Clingfilm (2000), recorded in Oslo: the band at their most rough and motorik, but with a significant element of rich, analogue ambience Jugend - A New Hedonism (2000): recorded in Morocco. Mostly ambient: opaque, abstract and enigmatic. Fresh (2001): also recorded in Morocco - catchy, joyous tunes, rugged grooves, vocal samples and trumpet. Jon Platou Selvig joins the band around this time on keyboards. Tempo (2002): recorded in Chicago by John McEntire (Tortoise), a surging rush of beauty, pure sheen and enormous grace, with new second drummer, Karim Sayed. A Salvatore track appears on the Earworm Records compilation “A Charabang Trip To The Lights“. Luxus (2004): again involving John McEntire: the most eclectic so far. Simple, charming melodies mix with strange jazz drumming, dancehall and celebratory West African-inspired melodies. Ola quits the band to pursue interests with his other band The White Birch, to be replaced by guitarist Jørgen Skjulstad (Metronomicon/Now We Got Members). Tours of Europe (supporting Tortoise), the Balkans and Italy in 2005 and 2006 saw rapturous audience responses, excellent reviews and and line-up changes that included Anthony Barratt (Je Suis Animal/Billie Mahonie) taking Jørgen's place and Leon Muraglia (Radio 9/Kosmische Club) replacing Jon Platou Selvig on synthesizer.

The new album, Days of Rage, shows a raw, compelling, propulsive side to Salvatore, exploring beat-driven areas that have generated a wild enthusiasm in audiences at recent concerts.

Not quite rock/pop, and not quite art/experimental, Salvatore inhabit an important mid-point in contemporary music. The music is intelligent, but does not compromise on heart, and that great feeling of euphoria.