Bonk Against Nothing

Bonk is the band who released the highly regarded album WESTERN SOUL.

Bonk is the band that was nominated as the “best newcomers” at the Alarm Awards.

Bonk is the band that has toured Norway and Europe with Gluecifer.

Bonk is the band that has performed in front of an audience of 20 000 fans in China.

Bonk is the band that got reviewed in American Playboy magazine.

Right! Our first album was made after fourteen days of rehearsal. The album has been cheered for its characteristic and fine unpretentious sound, criticized for its production and cover, but still WESTERN SOUL was our first album, and we think it worked very well. Today Bonk consist of four core members. Since the first album we have had gigs in Europe, USA and China, and spent time making the second album, Bonk Against Nothing. The new album is recorded by Anders Møller (Turbonegro, Euroboys, Silver, Paperboys) and mixed by Ulf Holand (A-Ha, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, Motorpsycho ++) In addition to our eleven favourite tracks, follows a live video from the Midi fest in Bejing. Don’t miss it! The Chinese audience came across as fantastic and they didn’t lack the enthusiasm of a 60’s rock audience. Looking forward to further adventures!

Since the last release, we have travelled quite a lot. Amongst others we have toured with Gluecifer, as earlier mentioned played at the Midi fest and been gigging at film studios in Shang Hai. We have also had the time to visit Texas and New York. On our travels we have met all sorts of people with or without hair, with or without any memory. We have also had the opportunity to meet a great mask maker with a descent record collection and some dodgy eating habits, we got fans all over the world, and many have tried to pigeonhole Bonk; we can mention definitions as a rock band, onomatopoetikon, art collaboration and activities of a sexual character.

Is it right to describe Bonk as a streamlined uniformed band with equal opinions? Well…none of the band members will find themselves comfortable in a definition as such. In New York someone claimed that they came across as a Motorcycle band. Wrong again… Bonk is a collaboration of individuals as different as our tunes, and we seldom agree hundred percent, still we are friends. The tunes are as different as there are days in a year, as angry as “The young men”, hungry as in the “Lord”, exited as in “The house” and complete pitch dark as in “Cut the feet”. How do we do it? The secret is that we never look back. Along the way it has been good and less good ideas, but that is fare gone. Forget regret, our focus is on the future, and BONK AGAINST NOTHING is released 24th of April!