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034: Bonk "Bonk Against Nothing"

033: Animal Alpha "Pheronomes"

029: Salvatore "Luxus"

028: Hello Goodbye "Haunted Holiday"

027: Bonk "Western Soul"

024: St. Thomas "Let's Grow Together - The Comeback of St. Thomas"

023: Bonk "Waitin' In A Car"

022: Tøyen "Did You Bring Me On National Television To Tell Me This Too?"

021: Ai Phoenix "I've Been Gone - Letter One"

020: St. Thomas "Hey Harmony"

019: Merry November "I'll Keep you Here"

018: St. Thomas "A Long Long Time EP"

016: Salvatore "Tempo"

015: Tøyen "EP Phone Home"

014: Hello Goodbye "Heart Attack"

013: Ai Phoenix "Lean That Way Forever"

012: Salvatore "Fresh"

011: Portrait of David "These Days Are Hard To Ignore"

010: St. Thomas "I'm Coming Home"

009: St. Thomas "The Cornerman EP"

007: Salvatore "Jugend - A New Hedonism"

006: St. Thomas "Mysterious Walks"

005: Salvatore "Clingfilm"

003: Ai Phoenix "The Driver Is Dead"

002: Ai Phoenix "Happy To Get Her"