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"Bonk Against Nothing" front cover can be downloaded here

Release party at Blå on April 25th. You are invited!

Posted March 14 '06: Bonk will be playing with Franz Ferdinand at Rockelfeller, Oslo on March 17th.

Posted February 27 '06: New album from Bonk will be out April 24th!

Title: "Bonk Against Nothing".
Bonus: Video track from their much talked about Chinese gig.

They will play at this year's Øyafestivalen in Oslo (August).

Posted April 21 '05: Check out Bonk's new web site!

Posted 02 November '04: It seems the Americans love Bonk. The reviews do not hesitate to state Bonk's excellence:

"Norwegian punk rockers deliver megaton sound bolts of rock and roll" 4/5 Fast Forward Weekly
"I could see this band playing in Detroit with the White Stripes, as well as in the deserts of California, rocking with the Queens of the Stone Age" Indie Workshop
"Bonk still manages to capture the energy of its influences and incorporate some individual touches" Playboy
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Posted 22 October '04: New concert in Oslo added in the events section. ANd look out for pictures from Bonk's adventures in China...

Posted 01 October '04: Bonk will now be released in the US, and the feedback so far has been (as expected) very good!

Posted 01 October '04: We've now put out the video for the song "Sarah" taken from the album "Western Soul". Click this link to download (MP4/18.6Mb)

Posted 04 September '04: Red October for Bonk: Bonk will tour China in October, playing 5 shows in Bejing and Shanghai. They will also play in several Norwegian cities in September and October. CHeck out the dates in the events section. The Norwegian reviews for Western Soul are unanimous! Rated 5 out of 6 in most reviews so far:

Dagbladet: Mindre er mer
Dagsavisen: Bonk banker alle
Aftenposten: En real omgang Bonk
VG: Steinrøft fra hovedstadens rockundergrunn
Adresseavisa: Rock for sjela - Gnistrende finesse fra 90-tallshelter

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Their debut album will be out February 2nd, and is entitled "Western Soul". Right after the release they will tour Norway together with Gluecifer. They will also play at Bylarm in Bergen, two shows...

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Don't miss the 7" Waitin' In A Car/Hello Mummy released in November.

The English music mag ”Rock Proof” writes this about Bonk:

Bonk is not Norwegian for the sound of a car smashing into the front of a bank, nor does it mean hurtling over a fjord in a burnt-out speedboat, strangling the bad guy to get the girl, but somehow in the shape of a single album, those clean-living folk from the land where the sun never sets have made a sound which feels like doing both things at the same time, naked. Drawing on influences as disparate as Tamla Motown, Norwegian Death-Punk, and The Who, Bonk is the sound of a culture hell-bent on putting litter into bins and the rock into punk.