Posted May 30 '05: Merry November will release their next album through Osito Records, another Oslo-based record label. You can check out their site here

You may also check out Merry November's own new web site here

Posted December 6 '04: They will do shows in Egersund (NO) and Kristiansand (NO) in December. Look out for more extensive touring in 2005, and with their next album out in summer/fall 2005.

Posted August 30 '04: Merry November will do two shows in Oslo this fall: Brugata September 11 (Saturday at 8 pm) and Cafe Mono on October 17 (Sunday).
These will be the first shows in Oslo in their trio format.

Posted April 17 '04: Merry November recorded what will become their second album on April 7-12 at Protofon. When this album will be released is still unknown. The songs sound slightly different from their debut, Right click and SAVE TARGET AS... for 300dpi CMYK-versionwith a somewhat lighter and more playful and varied approach to each song. The listener might be up for a surprise or two, with the band moving into genres you wouldn't expect. But this does not mean they have left everything behind since last time. The songs are still dark, and they are still blue. The music is still based around Andreas' and Charlotte's lovely voices, and it's still rather quietly performed. Tom Daniel (bass/drums) has replaced their former backing trio, giving the music a different rhythmic feel. The picture is from the studio, and shows Andreas, Charlotte, and Tom Daniel.

Posted January 4 '04: Merry November will be released in the US: Their Racing Junior-album "I'll Keep You Here" will be distributed by Nail, and an LP-version will be released by Autonomy. The dates are not set.

About "I'll Keep You Here" in the press press:

Geiger (DK): "I'll Keep You Here" is an album you cling onto in the dark, and you will not let it go"

Aftenposten (NO): "Melancholy can still be surprisingly beautiful"

Puls (NO): "This is a lovely piece of work"