Posted August 9: POD will tour Europe in September. Click events to see dates. Don't miss this oportunity to experience Ola Fløttum's solo project as he takes time of from his other commitments The White Birch and Briskeby...

Posted April 27: The European reviews for "These Days..." are ticking in, and they all seem to love the album. There are mostly French and some German reviews this far, and it gets top rating in most. Read for yourself here

Portrait of David's debut album will now be re-released on Glitterhouse Records. This means you can get hold of it in most of Europe. "These Days Are Hard To Ignore" were originally released by Racing Junior in 2001, but is now licenced to Glitterhouse for Europe outside Norway. PoD is the solo project of Ola Fløttum of Salvatore and The White Birch, both of which are also signed to Glitterhouse. The last The White Birch album, Star Is Just A Sun, is this year's best seller on Glitterhouse.

Release: November 2003.